If you want to see the property or content of a compressed File, or you want to create a compressed file using several other already created files on your Android Device, you can achieve this feat in a few seconds with the ZArchiver App.

ZArchiver APK

ZArchiver APK is an app that lets you coordinate, control or organize any of your compressed files from your Android devices.
Talking about this app is brings about talking about the importance of creating archives as they help gather a lot of files into a single file and consuming lesser space on your Android device.
zarchiver apk
If you’ve got some of these files that you need to deal with, Zarchiver is an option for you.


ZArchiver can be described as a utility and excellent App for you because if you want to create archive files in a snap on your android devices with exclusively different supported formats like zip, tar, xar, rar, etc. The app is at your fingertip and can be easily downloaded at the Google Play store.
With the use of this app, you can also modify, decompress, compress archives.
Zarchiver APK is exclusive to supporting many other formats, some of the formats supported by Zarchiver are:

img, lha, iso, 7zip, tgz, dmg, mtz, cpio, ecm, rar5, cab, cramfs, tbz , Z, wim, rpm, zipx , mtz , chm,  lzma, deb and arj.

Extraction and working with files, folders and their contents with is really convenient and some other useful features are included in the app including the option for multiple selections, selecting all, deselecting all, sorting, searching, etc.
Also, long press on a particular file pops up another context menu for zipping or unzipping files and folders together with other available functions. Depending on what the different functions you want to perform with the App as it is a utility App.
ZArchiver is also completely accurate with options for users to suit their needs that include as protection of password, level of compression, partial decompression of archives is supported, it also Supports encryption, split archives extraction and encoding of the character, full editing of archives is supported.
Among other functions and options available. It also possesses a comprehensive built-in File. It really does not matter the type of file archive you throw at it, there are high chances they are going to be supported and work well with ZArchiver.
These functions are all built into this free version of the app and best enough to satisfy the choices of some Regular users. Although, some Improved features such as selection of theme is limited and exclusive to ‘Pro version’ only.


Download Zarchiver APK from the Google PlayStore, click here.


In conclusion, ZArchiver has No advertisements included, Easy to use and user interact and interface is attractive! With the use of your personal Android device, if you want to create a zip file of several folders, then the ZArchiver app is the best option you have.
It is extremely difficult to ignore because it is a great option for extracting and compressing files and file contents on an Android device.

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