Yandex Metrica: If you’re using Google Blogger as your blogging platform, believe it or not, blogger inbuilt stats counter is shitty, I mean inaccurate because Spiders Hits, Crawlers hits are included in the stats which will be confusing for Blogspot users.

Still doubting? If you’ve Google analytics installed to your blog, you should understand what I’m saying better. This stats affect Blogspot bloggers in such a way that when they see their fake stats on Blogger and they are not even able to make up for a buck in 3 months, they think of giving up.

Today, I’ll be showing you an awesome tool which all bloggers must use because of its flexibility (especially Blogspot users). This awesome tool is free for use and if you’re a guru by the mind, you can use it for your blog SEO because you’ll see all keywords sending traffic to your blog and some other cool features.

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Yandex Metrica

If you don’t know what Yandex is, probably you’re from another planet. Briefly, Yandex is a search engine just like Google and it’s majorly used by the Russians. Why? because it’s the built strictly with their language (search result in their local language) meanwhile they have support for some other languages too.

Getting Started

Yandex Metrica is an analytics tool just like Google Analytics. But it is flexible and easier to understand even for a layman compared to Google analytics. The first thing to do is to create an account with Yandex after creating the account successfully, go to Yandex Metrica and set up your property and then place the code on your site for verification. After verification, Yandex will start collecting stat for you.

Yandex Metrica

You should start seeing stats like above.

Note: There will be a huge difference between your traffic on Google blogger compared to this but there is no need to panic. Also, you should use this if only you do not understand Google Analytics properly.

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Features of Yandex Metrica

  • Uptime and downtime monitoring and you receive notifications via email.
  • Easy and Free to use.
  • No data collection limit, no statistics will be cleared.
  • Keyword / Search Engines Tracking
  • Age / countries Tracking
  • The JavaScript is less weighted
  • Others.

Please note that I’m not affiliated with Yandex is anyway but I like their service and it is worth telling others (I once use to use it when I was still using blogger) but not now again.

What do you think about this tool, will you utilize it on your blog?Have you been using it before? Drop your comments and queries and don’t forget to hit the share button.

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