Xylon Studio – New Programming Language and Its own IDE.

Xylon Studio


subatomic JS Framework Xylon Studio Xylon Studio

A new programming language has evolved and it is more concise than most popular programming languages out there, being shipped with its own IDE called Xylon Studio. Xylon Studio has intelligent code completion enabled by default, allowing you to write your code easier and faster. It is, even more, easier to set up. In other words, Xylon Studio is an IDE with the ability to compile subatomicJS applications and enables the development of Android Applications.

Xylon Studio

Features of Xylon Studio

  • With it,  you can build beautiful Microsoft Windows Applications.
  • Xylon has intelligent code completion enabled by default, allowing you to write your code easier and faster
  • Keywords, properties, and methods are provided by the SDK. This means you can add your own custom keywords, properties and methods.
  • Xylon IntelliSense also provides a description when the mouse is hovering or selecting a keyword, properties or method.
  • A new language that compiles to JavaScript, created for the SubatomicJS Framework and seshaUI library.
  • Software Framework that allows the development of GUI Softwares using the Chromium Engine.
  • An IDE that compiles subatomicJS Applications and allows the development of Android Applications.
  • Open Source.
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The IDE Xylon Studio allows one to build hybrid windows and Android applications with ease, Xylon can also be used for web development.


SubatomicJS is a Software Framework developed by Xylon Studio for building beautiful Desktop Applications with HTML, CSS, C Modulus and/or JavaScript using the Chromium Engine which is currently available on only Windows OS.

subatomic JS Framework Xylon Studio

SubatomicJS Requirements

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.*
  • Xylon Studio (You can use any Code Editing Software)
  • Basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript knowledge
  • Developer Command Prompt for Xylon Studio

C Modulus

C Modulus is a new programming language for Microsoft Windows developed for subatomicJS. C Modulus makes creating Windows Applications a lot easier and faster

C Modulus is friendly to new programmers. First-time programmers will find C Modulus easy to use and JavaScript programmers will feel right at home.

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Learn the programming language – Click Here

Download the IDE here: Click Here

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