Xender/Flash Share: Share Files Between PC & Android

In the early days of mobile phones, Xender APK wasn’t available and transferring and synchronizing of files between devices was one of the tedious things to do.
I can still remember vividly, there was a time when only Infrared was available to transfer files between phones (Nokia to be precise), that went a long way before finally the introduction and support of Bluetooth for expensive phones which was even more advanced that I was able to synchronize my phone with my laptop using the Nokia PC suite and that went on that way, not until Android invention.
Conversely, Android is one of the greatest things that happened in the mobile gadgets world. Basically, Android is open-source and this enables wide support and feature for every user, and this played a great role in the file-sharing locally technology. Developers made it possible for Android users to share files using Hotspot connection and Wi-Fi which was no doubt faster than the previous methods and later it was later extended to support iOS.

What is Xender?

Do you know Flash Share? If yes, Xender was originally known as Flash Share but later there was a change of name (I really don’t know about that part).
Xender is a file transferring app that doesn’t have any file limit per day and it is FREE. With it you can send your heavy files to phone and PC within a few seconds with the speed of up to 40MB/s, this depends on both device.

How to Connect Xender to PC

This is easier than you think, I will be further explaining using images for better understanding.
Step 1: Launch Xender app from your Android Device
Step 2: After launch, on the top left-hand side of your phone, click on the icon there (the one beside login)
Step 3: Click on Connect to PC, from there you’ll get a mini pop notification requesting to use Hotspot or QR Code, in this case, we will use the Hotspot method. Click Hotspot. (To make sure your data plan isn’t used for the transferring, make sure your mobile data is turned off.
Step 4: You’ll be required to connect your PC to the Wi-FI network created by your Xender. Then, you’ll need to enter the provided web address in your browser
Step 5: After entering the address, press enter. A confirmation will be sent to your phone to verify if you’re the one trying to connect indeed, press yes.
Step 6: Locate files you want to save to your PC from the Android phone and press download. To send to phone, click the upload button.

Xender Features

  • Files transfer at Flash Speed
  • Supports all kind of files without restrictions
  • Doesn’t depend on mobile data
  • Send big files without limitations, no size limit
  • Phone replication feature
  • Support major platforms (iOS, Android, MAC)
  • Nice and clean UI, easy to navigate
  • Group share feature
  • Sharing History
  • File Manager.


Flash Share now called Xender is one of the must-have apps on every Android device because of its features. What about getting the app? oh, you can always get the app from Google Play Store by clicking HERE. After downloading, you’re one step away from using the app. For battery saving, it is recommended you force stop or better still Freeze the app when you’re not using it this is because if you don’t close the app properly, your battery will go down the best way.
If you have any difficulty setting this up, let me know in the comment box.



Xender/Flash Share Share Files Between PC and Android Device
Xender/Flash Share Share Files Between PC and Android Device
Xender/Flash Share Share Files Between PC and Android Device
Xender/Flash Share Share Files Between PC and Android Device
XenderFlash Share Share Files Between PC and Android Device (2)

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