Winning Eleven 2018 is an addictive and popular sports video game which has more features in the WE 2018 APK including MultiPlayer Mode, League Mode which makes it very realistic. Still having second thoughts? You need to check this game out.

Who doesn’t know Winning Eleven (WE 11)? Followed by the Pro Evolution Soccer, the Winning Eleven is one of the most played and rated soccer games available on both Desktop and Mobile and in fact, it is currently one of the hottest games on Android.
winning eleven 2018
If you have been updated with the Winning Eleven trends, you should probably not bother about this but if otherwise, the Winning Eleven 2018 often shortened as WE 18 is the latest release of  Winning Eleven 2012 trends and also an upgrade of the WE 17.

Winning Eleven 18 APK

As expected in every game and application, Winning Eleven 2018 (WE 18) is a soccer game which is designed to be compatible with almost all Android-powered devices regardless of their low-end specs if there are, even though it won’t work as expected on devices with lower RAMs but for sure, the game will play.

WE 18 System Requirements

To run the Winning Eleven 2018 APK + Data OBB (WE 2018) which is a modded version of the popular Android soccer game Winning Eleven 2018, there are some requirements to be satisfied:

  • Your Android device should have a minimum of 1GB RAM but you will require more if you have too many apps running in the background and consuming RAM as well
  • At least, a free space of 500MB internal storage space, the file itself takes over 200MB of space but after extraction, additional space will be required, otherwise, you will have a bad experience using it
  • Android device running on at least Android 4.0.

winning eleven 2018

WE 18 Features

  • Customize your players easily, you can easily the uniform color, hairstyle of a player
  • Everything got almost real when using VR but even without VR, similar to what we see in the original football (not the game), the players uniform gets dirty if they fall or got attacked. But in most cases, it is mostly determined by the field condition
  • The more trophies won, the more pro the player’s skills and strength goes
  • Latest kits, stadiums, player transfers and powerful 3D graphics
  • Master League Upgrade – Experience life as the manager with new pre-season tournaments, improved transfer system
  • Referees are now visible during the match and you see him doing his job 🙂
  • Replay
  • Excellent graphics
  • Repeated offenses are now prevented by implementing cautioning features.

Download WE 18

  • Game Name: Winning Eleven 2018 APK MOD
  • Game Version: 2018
  • Game Size: 290 MB
  • GAme Credits: Konami

Having satisfied the above requirements, the very next thing is to download WE 18.
winning eleven 2018

  • Download WE 2018 Apk+mod – Here
  • Download Full Winning Eleven 2012 WE 2018 Apk + OBB MOD DATA Here

Setup and Installation

  • Download the APK from the link above and install but don’t launch yet
  • Downloading and setting up WE 18 is not tough, it is very easy. Just download the first two files from the first two links and install the downloaded APK from APKMONK and closely follow the onscreen instruction provided. It is very easy.
  • Alternatively, after downloading and installing the game, extract the OBB data file (you will be prompted to unlock with the password before extracting, use: as your password) and finally after unlocking, move the OBB Folder you extracted earlier to your /Android/obb path depending on your default storage. After doing this, your game is ready!


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