Ad blocking is a type of software that is capable of removing advertisements  content from a webpagewebsite, or a mobile appThe benefits of adblockers are wide-ranging and the use of ad blocking software is increasing. 

, Why You Should Use An AdBlocker
Why You Should Use AdBlocker

If you have been following this blog for a long period of time, I shared some articles regarding AdBlocking last years and I believe you either have an adblocker or your adblocker is enabled. But have you ever thought about why you have to use adblock? Here are the major reasons to use an adblocker:

1. Saving Bandwidth and Time: Ads severed are majorly in form of JavaScript which is hosted on the advertiser’s site, then before the ads are rendered on a webpage, it has to make some requests to the advertisers website before the ads are finally rendered and hereby increasing the page load time and data usage. But when you have adblocks enabled, it’ll automatically stop the website from making any suspicious request.

2. No Ads, No Tracking (Privacy): Ad network actually store cookies for each user that sees the ad or click and this is to improve how the ads are rendered to the same person next time. Here is a simple checkup: Go to Facebook, Google then search “Technology Products“. Then wait for few minutes and start checking your Facebook News Feed and  Website that publish Google Ads, you’ll see related ads to the searched keywords above which simply means AdNetworks tracks what you do online and use the information to help increase their revenue. 

Tip: You can search this blog for how to opt-out of all ads network.

3. Annoying Ads: Have you ever been a victim of annoying ads? You know what it feels like. The issue is Webmasters/Publishers only care about their revenue and not the users and they hereby place any sort of  annoying ads on their Website so they can earn plentifully. I’m also a publisher and I understand the fact that annoying ads pays better than moderate ads but meanwhilr those type of ads can install malwares on your PC.

, Why You Should Use An AdBlocker
Why You Should Use AdBlocker

4. Focus / Aim: Some people online can’t really focus on what they are doing, they get easily distracted and are tempted to click on ads they find online. If you’re like that, use ad blocker so you can be safe.
Before concluding on this, I’ll like to explain why you shouldn’t use ad blockers either and even some publishers have even taken counter-measures against users who block ads on the sites they visit but that doesn’t really solve any issue.
1. When you use AdBlockers, you are affecting the publisher’s revenue: If you really like what the publisher offers, consider to make either make some donations for him or whitelist his website from ad blockers.
2. The Page Rendering is Affected: Majorly, adblockers tries to disable JavaScript rending on a website and sometimes it’s going to have effects on how the page is rendered if the site requires JavaScript to work well. AdBlockers also blocks sharing buttons that use JavaScript (I experienced that while using AddThis sharing widget).


This is 2017 and you must make sure you start using AdBlockers.

PC Users – Download as your browser extension or download the main software (AdGuard, AdBlock Plus, etc)

ANDROID / IOS Users – Update your opera mini browser, UC Mini, UC Browser to the latest version or download AdBlocker for Android (PlayStore).

REMEMBER to stay safe on the internet, get an adblocker today.

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