WhoGoHost is a very popular Nigeria web hosting company, currently ranked the 2nd largest domain name in Nigeria with over 2,600 domain names hosted on its servers.

Before a Web Hosting company can have up to this much clients, we all know what it takes, it’s not just all about the money spent on advertising, how cheap the services are but likewise, the satisfied customer who will like to invite others to join (I mean positive feedbacks).
Speaking in terms of the most respected, widely known and used web hosting providers in Nigeria, this is more like speaking about the old web hosting WhoGoHost which took its first step in 2007 and since then, the company has been trusted and widely used to power even some of the major websites in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
Normally, every business and companies have their main competitors and this is similar in WhoGoHost case too because of their competitors but never the less, WhoGoHost is still one of the top three respected and used web hosting companies in Nigeria.
This write-up is to give everyone full detailed pros and cons of the web hosting company after using their services for over 3 months.
Your hosting, domain provider network can influence your blog both positively and negatively in terms of ranking, uptime, etc and everyone knows what it feels like seeing your website going offline because of your domain or hosting provider.

WhoGoHost Review At a Glance

WhoGoHost Review: The company was founded by Opeyemi Awoyemi in 2007, as at that time, the company was a product of the Ennovate Nigeria Limited but in 2011, the company independently incorporated which we all know as the WhoGoHost Limited now but in case you don’t, now you do.
Maintaining a company is tougher than starting a company and here WhoGoHost maintained their company to make the top position among the reputed and already existing web hosting companies in Nigeria.
Currently, the company is an authorized Google Apps Reseller, a CloudFlare Certified Partner, Interswitch Partner using their payment gateway on their website, a verified dot NG domain name registrar and with more than 10,000 active user accounts.
Honestly speaking, WhoGoHost support isn’t as active as everyone expected despite the fact that they are one of the top three web hosting companies in Nigeria.
To get through to the company’s customer support, the available methods are Support Ticket, Live Chat, Phone Call, and email.

Here is my story – 3 months with WhoGoHost

I started using the web hosting company for one of my projects about three months ago but prior that time, I have always used it for clients that are on low budget, so this is not just about me now but everything as a whole.
The first service of this Nigeria giant web hosting company used by me was buying a Nigerian based domain from the company for a client, after adding the domain to cart and paying through the Bank Payment method (this has been updated but not really effective yet as expected).
I mailed the payment unit with my order ID after couples of hours the payment was confirmed and the domain appeared on my dashboard.
I have always been a customer of Namecheap and Godaddy where most orders are activated almost immediately, and the customer panel is kind of easy to navigate through.
So, after a week I haven’t been able to point the domain to my client website which ought to have been launched about a week ago.
I created several Tickets and chatting with Customer Care, yes, they have a very active and nice customer support, I got responses but it wasn’t the problem, the main problem is the Registrar lock was on which I had no idea about it.
Currently, I have over 7 domains including mine and clients own by this great registrar and never had an issue. And in short:

  • WhoGoHost has a very active, fast and reliable 24/7 Support but sometimes they may not be able to figure out what your real problem is.
  • Their domain is cheap, propagates as fast as it can and also registrar lock to keep your domain from been easily hijacked.
  • The purchase takes might take a day(s) before confirmation sometimes when you pay using Bank transfer method since other payment methods hardly work out for everyone.
  • WhogoHost Domain renewal price is almost the same or lesser than the cost price which is different in other hosting companies.

What about the Hosting service?

WhoGoHost hosting service is fair, I mean I cannot always recommend it for people with lots of traffic because I myself do not make use of the hosting service.
It’s not like the hosting service is not okay or I do not have any of my colleagues or client making use of the service, I really do have people who make use of it.
Earlier this year, a friend of mine asked me to fix something on his blog which I have to do that through the Cpanel, I noticed one thing at first “It’s not well secured“, how?
If you have been a good user of cPanel then you’ll understand this better. A case where you keep getting logged out of the cPanel just because of IP changed e.g when making use of a network like Mtn NG, you get into an endless loop of logging in and system logging you out until your IP is stable.
But in the case of WhoGoHost, I logged in like a boss and wasn’t logged out, I even closed my browser, opened it back and clicked on Restore Previous sessions and the Cpanel is still active, I was like WTF, BluehostNamecheap, Hostgator   and other hosting companies I have used doesn’t work that way, once you are inactive for about 180 seconds, the session is terminated automatically. 

  • The hosting plan is affordable, recommended for starters.
  • About 94.0% uptime guarantee.
  • Files uploading might fail brutally when using the host with WP
  • Most users believe they might route your connection through CDN without notifying you.


Old but Gold

Need I say more? No! Because WGH is without a single doubt one of the most renowned web host companies in Nigeria with over ten thousands of active accounts, still counting and also over 12,000 registered domains.
You can never go wrong with WGH, they have been in the business for over 10 years and they know what it takes to be a reputed web hosting companies and also what you as a webmaster really wants from them.

Verified Dot NG Domain Registrar

As it is widely known that each country has a dedicated domain extension e.g .com.ng for Nigeria, .co.in for India, and so on.
In general, dot COM is for global usage since it is not directed to a specific country.
To show that one’s business is a local business and only valid for only Nigerians, there is a need for the seal of a dot NG which makes one rank even better on search engines.
Thinking of getting a dot NG domain name? There is no need for a long search anymore as WhoGoHost verified dot NG registrar at affordable prices with life-changing coupons alongside with some web hosting plans to choose from.

Customer Support

WGH never seems to give less regard to any of their users as they strive to make sure the Customer’s problem is solved either by the customer’s self or fixing from their end.
As said earlier, reaching WGH Customer care can be done through a support ticket, live chat, phone call or email.
Also, the company can also be reached on social media where they update basic things and also they are available live at their office. 🙂

Easy Migration

When coming from one host to WGH, after purchasing your web hosting from WGH, you’re eligible for free transfer.
This means that you do not have to worry about manually moving your files from the old host to your new WGH host as long as the old host is powered by cPanel, WGH will do the transfer for you at no extra cost.

Making Money

With WGH, you can easily make money just by referring your friends to use the companies services, you can get up to 20% of all their purchases.


Poor Technical Support

Definitely, it takes a professional thinker with super skills to start to be a Programmer/Web designer which a large percentage of those owning websites are and these people won’t be needing help for changing Nameservers, Creating a webmail, etc.
WGH is really trying with the customer support but when it comes to Technical support, it takes ages to drop a response. A very clear and similar situation is when the registrar lock decides not to turn off and took about 3 days before WGH was able to modify the error, that’s technical.

Blacklisting of Web IP and SPAM of email

If you’re interested in using WGH web hosting, you should be ready to face blacklisting of Web IP.
Of course, WGH is aware of this error and automatically routes every website’s connection through CloudFlare in 2017 which lots of users complained about.
Even though this has been fixed, but you will experience it somehow especially if you’re interested in using it for your email marketing.

Website Redirection

This can be so annoying but it is not, this often happens when your pass the stated usage limit in the web hosting plan you bought, your site will either display a landing page belonging to WGH or redirects to another site on the same server as yours.
It is really hard to tell if this still happens but it is best to use a website uptime monitor to know whenever your website starts redirecting to another place.

Server Downtime

Although no hosting company can guarantee you a 100% uptime, even bigger hosting companies can only assure you of 98% – 99.9% but this is not so with WGH as their server seldom go offline especially at night and not back online for hours.
At times, when the server is down it results in data and the backup loss in the web files which can be very annoying.
It is best to back up your files to the cloud instead of on WGH server.
Also, you need a website uptime monitor to keep the track of your website availability even when you’re asleep.


WhoGoHost is one of the best options to choose from especially when you’re hosting your website locally because most of those international companies look promising at first not until you start using their service.
As a new user, you can click here to enjoy up to 25% discount on your first purchase and start your journey. Also, most of the cons stated above are only associated with the web hosting.
What do you think about this company? Share your thoughts and experience below.

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