WhoGoHost Review – Good or Bad?


WhoGoHost is a very popular Nigeria web hosting company, currently ranked the 2nd largest domain name in Nigeria with over 2,600 domain names hosted on its servers. Before a Web Hosting company can have up to this much clients, we all know what it takes, it’s not just all about the money spent on advertising, how cheap the services are but likewise, the satisfied customer who will like to invite others to join (I mean positive feedbacks).

This write-up is to give everyone full detailed pros and cons of the web hosting company after using their services for over 3 months.
Your hosting, domain provider network can influence your blog both positively and negatively in terms of ranking, uptime, etc and everyone knows what it feels like seeing your website going offline because of your domain or hosting provider.

Here is my story – 3 months with WhoGoHost

I started using the web hosting company for one of my projects about three months ago but prior that time, I have always used it for clients that are on low budget, so this is not just about me now but everything as a whole.
The first service of the WhoGoHost used by me was just buying a Nigerian based domain from the company for a client, after adding the domain to cart and paying through the Bank Payment method. I mailed the payment unit with my order ID, after couples of hours the payment was confirmed and the domain appeared on my dashboard.

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I have always been a customer of Namecheap and Godaddy where most orders are activated almost immediately, and the customer panel is kind of easy to navigate through. So, after a week I haven’t been able to point the domain to my client website which ought to have been launched about a week ago. I created several Tickets and chatting with Customer Care, yes, they have a very active and nice customer support, I got responses but it wasn’t the problem, the main problem is the Registrar lock was on which I had no idea about it. Currently, I have over 7 domains including mine and clients own on WhoGoHost, and never had any issue.

  • WhoGoHost has a very active, fast and reliable 24/7 Support but sometimes they may not be able to figure out what your real problem is.
  • Their domain is cheap, propagates as fast as it can and also registrar lock to keep your domain from been easily hijacked.
  • The purchase takes might take day(s) before confirmation sometimes when your pay using Bank transfer method since other payment methods hardly works out for everyone.
  • Domain renewal price is almost the same or lesser than the cost price which is different in other hosting companies.

What about the Hosting service?

WhoGoHost hosting service is fair, I mean I cannot always recommend it for people with lots of traffic because I myself do not make use of the hosting service. It’s not like the hosting service is not okay or I do not have any of my colleagues or client making use of the service, I really do have people who make use of it.

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Earlier this year, a friend of mine asked me to fix something on his blog which I have to do that through the Cpanel, I noticed one thing at first “It’s not well secured“, how? If you have been a good user of Cpanel then you’ll understand this better. A case where you keep getting logged out of the Cpanel just because of IP changed e.g when making use of a network like Mtn NG, you get into an endless loop of logging in and system logging you out until your IP is stable.

But in the case of WhoGoHost, I logged in like a boss and wasn’t logged out, I even closed my browser, opened it back and clicked on Restore Previous sessions and the Cpanel is still active, I was like WTF, BluehostNamecheap, Hostgator   and other hosting companies I have used doesn’t work that way, once you are inactive for about 180 seconds, the session is terminated automatically. 

  • The hosting plan is affordable, recommended for starters.
  • About 97.0% up time guarantee.
  • Most users believe they might route your connection through CDN without notifying you

Start Using WhoGoHost Web Hosting Services Now!!


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