WhatsApp Update: Group Invite Link Added

Since the launch of the awesome app WhatsApp, SMS texting rate has reduced and everyone has taken it as one of the mandatory apps everyone should utilize and now it part of us.

WhatsApp Update: Group Invite Link Added

Few months ago, one of the most trending keywords pertaining to WhatsApp on search engines are: “WhatsApp Invite link”, “WhatsApp group link” and so on. Sadly, the original version of WhatsApp doesn’t have the features and anyone in need of it badly downloaded some modded versions of WhatsApp: GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Prime, WhatsApp Plus, etc.

In the most recent updated version of WhatsApp, you can now create whatsapp group invite link. It is super simple, all you have to do is update your whatsapp.

Below are the other updated features I won’t be emphasis on yet but with time, I should.

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TEXT AND EMOJI TO PHOTO: Just like snapchat, now you can draw or add text and emojis to photos and videos you capture within WhatsApp. You can also pick a brush size or font style by dragging left on the color selector.

MENTION USER: In groups, you can now mention specific people by typing the @ symbol

• GROUP INVITE LINK: Group admins can now invite people to join a group by sharing a link. From group info, just tap Add participants > Invite to group via link

Also, more emoji has been added  and sending a single emoji will now appear larger in chats (just like sending single love emoji).

Hey reader! Here is a catch for you: I am not a cool fan of whatsapp and I have hundreds of messages yet to be replied, so I want you to share your opinions on the updated version of WhatsApp. Thanks

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