What Happens When iPhone 7 is dropped From An Helicopter?

Video: See What Happened to iPhone 7 When Dropped From an Helicopter – Will iPhone 7 Survive after Being Dropped From a Helicopter ? What do you care? Don’t worry, I will show you what it looks like to drop an iPhone 7 from a moving helicopter.
Last week, in sale new smartphone iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is, therefore, began to appear on YouTube videos, in which the owners had just bought new products in the pursuit of glory trying to break, bend or grind their devices.
Recently Callux  YouTuber’s posted a video of iPhone 7 being dropped from a helicopter, unusual drop-test Unlike conventional test when dropped from a smartphone or pocket level of human growth, this time the flagship dropped from a height of bird flight. Interestingly, smartphone survived the flight, escaped with only a “spiderweb” of broken glass.
YouTube user under the name Apple flagship Callux subjected to stringent testing – a fall from a great height from the helicopter. The device was able to survive, landing on field covered with grass. Although the display is covered with cracks, it did not affect his performance. In addition, during the iPhone 7 dizzying fall continued to record video.
Unfortunately, the author of the video does not specify at what height the helicopter was.

Video: See What Happened to iPhone 7 When Dropped From an Helicopter

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