How to Make Your Whole Facebook Text Show Upside Down

Upside down text
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 Here is the Trick that I’m gonna share with you. It’s quite simple:

Go to to get started


1. Log in to your Facebook Account.

2. Now go to the settings page or you can simply visit

3. Now go to the Language Section which you can find on 6th line from the top or 2nd line from the bottom of the page.

4. Now Click on Edit.

5. Now click on the dropdown menu to change your Primary Language of your Facebook Account.

6. Now choose English(Upside Down) as your Primary Language.

7. Now Save.

8. Now it’s done. Just visit anywhere … you will find most of the thing in the Facebook Page is Upside Down like Mirror Effect.
Isn’t it Interesting !!

Now if you want to change it back to normal, then do the above steps and choose your Primary Language as English.

Here is how your text will look like!
“əƃɐnƃuɐl sıɥʇ uı ʞooqəɔɐℲ ʍoɥS”

Comment if this doesn’t work for you.

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