Generally, using Virtual Private Network (VPN) major importance is Privacy. But in some other cases, VPNs are used to bypass Firewall, Anonymize, and to encrypt the internet connection.
Those features are what should be found in any standard VPN alongside with some other feature some percent of the users might be interested e.g Location (ability to set state), P2P, etc.
Well, you might have come across a lot of free VPN looking promising enough but in the long run, you didn’t get what was promised, after all the best VPNs are paid and the free ones are not just either okay or capped.

Turbo VPN

Meet Turbo VPN, the world’s best Free VPN with over 10 Million downloads and having a rating of 4.7 from over 900,000 reviews in the Google Play Store.
With this, it’s self-defendable that it’s truly one the best free VPN.
Tried Turbo VPN yet?


  • The VPN is 100 percent with an unbeatable VPN speed
  • The best free unlimited VPN clients for Android
  • Supports WiFi Hotspot to secure and protect your privacy on sites with the Free VPN proxy
  • Connecting with your high VPN speed is very fast, no delay!
  • One click easy connection to the VPN Proxy server of your choice
  • Enough numbers of servers to provide a better and advance VPN service
  • With Turbo VPN, you can easily bypass any firewalls e.g YouTube, etc and other international and local sites
  • Can unblock Websites and unaccessible videos online with the free VPN proxy server
  • Support and works perfectly with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers
  • Encrypts data using OpenVPN protocols (UDP / TCP).


  • The free unlimited VPN app contains Ads but this isn’t bad, money is needed to keep the service up and running
  • Limited server access unless purchased a plan.


Turbo VPN is really worth using because of its top-notch services, the only free VPN you can trust 100%. It is advised to purchase the premium plan if you want more features but make sure you enjoy the free plan for a while and upgrade if there is a need to. Turbo VPN can be downloaded HERE on the Google Play Store :).

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