We live in a world where internet is compulsory part of Life.To surf the
web we need web browsers and to choose the right web browser is more
important step. 

As we know there are lot of new and old
web browsers and which one is best and why it is best is the question.We
are here to answer your question.Just read our list of top five web
browser and choose accordingly.

1. Google Chrome : When we talk about best browsers we always place Google chrome on the top of list due to following reasons.
As Google chrome is developed by Google.There are millions of extensions
for Google chrome because millions of people use Google chrome and
Developers get a bigger platform and every single day hundreds of
extensions are created in order to make surfing easier for users.
To download Google chrome  Click Here
2. FireFox : The second largest community on web uses Firefox.It is fast and have lot of different features than google chrome.
Why to choose Firefox : Firefox is open platform software .A
corporation that serves the public good. Seriously.If you are a
developer then Firefox should be your first choice because it proviedes
open platform for developers to show their skills.There are millions od
add-ons to make mozilla Firefox usage a lot easier.
To download Click Here
3. Opera : opera web browser
falls third on the list as its competitors Firefox and Google chrome are
used more and they offer more secure and easy web browsing.At the same
time opera is used by large no of people because :
Opera, I know my data is secure. Opera’s fraud and malware protection
helps me identify known malicious websites. It also warns me if a
website tries to defraud me, steal my password or install a virus.It
provides lot of add-ons(extensions) to make usage more friendly and
To download Click Here
5. Tor : Tor
web browser may not be used by large community of people but it is
fourth on our list because when you talk about surfing the web
anonymously then you can not neglect tor browser.There is a hidden web
known as dark web which is inaccessible by normal browsers but we
can access that web through tor browser.As there are millions of good
websites on .onion and we don’t want to loose them so we have to
download tor to search for.onion sites.
To download Tor  Click Here
6. Comodo Dragon : Comodo dragon falls fifth on our list due to following reasons.
Comodo dragon provides you best extensions like priv dog to make your surfing secure.
easy ssl certificate identification,fast website access ,greater stability and less memory bloat
incognito mode stops cookies and so many awesome features
the Web Inspector icon to get a detailed analysis of the page you’re
viewing. In addition to flagging items like suspicious i frames,
drive-by downloads, and malware, the report identifies the IP address of
the site and the location of its servers.
To download Click Here

This is our list, have any better list ? please comment and share



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