How to Switch Font on Android

How to Switch Font on Android

Switch Font: One of the reasons why Android is preferred to other OS is because it’s open source. Been open source will give it a larger users support and features could easily be added/tweaked since the code on which it runs is open to the entire public. In short, Android is flexible and that’s why most of us stick to it.

Fonts, as defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, is an assortment or set of type or characters all of one style and sometimes one size. In other words, a font can also be referred to as the general kind of look taken by the set of characters mostly on gadgets.

Today, I’ll be exploring two trusted apps which can be used to change your font on Android to another whereby a new look will be given to your gadget:

1. iFont

This app is the most popular and trusted fonts switcher on Android designed to install beautiful fonts on your phone. You can download and use hundreds of fonts to make your phone become lovely. It ‘s easy to change system font!

Main functions:

1.Support Samsung, XiaoMi (MIUI), Meizu, Huawei(Emotion UI)phone perfect replacement font
2.Support Htc, Sony, Motolora phone replacement font(Need Root)
3.Support to modify the font size, support for custom fonts
4.Easy to operate,eliminate the tedious steps.
5.Automatic backup fonts easily restore the factory font
6.Change font size, make size from small to big.2. Babel Font

2. Babel Font

BaBel Fonts is a unique font manager for Android devices. BaBel Fonts provide hundreds of stylish fonts, funny, cool, cute, handwriting etc, It’s easy to use BaBel Fonts, preview the fonts details, and download and use it, then all system fonts will be changed, including the fonts in other app or in the browser. In addition, BaBel Fonts support most languages around the world. Download funny fonts you like, and enjoy your funny life!

How to Switch Font on Android


1.Hundreds of the cool and fun fonts.
2.Easy to change fonts, without restarting the phone.
3.Concise interface.
4.Support most languages:
Chinese, Latin languages (English, Arabic, Russian, French, German, etc.), Hindi, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Myanmar, etc.
5.Support phone models: Samsung, Huawei, Infinix, TECNO, Symphony, Lava, etc.
For the other devices, LG, MIUI, OPPO etc, it requires root access if your device does not support FlipFont. If you can’t change fonts with these models, please read the FAQ in BaBel Fonts.

If BaBel Font has been installed without any download from Google Play–It’s a system app pre-installed by the manufacturer, just like the camera, SMS etc., please follow this route: Settings–Display–Font style or theme center-font, then you can start to change fonts!


  • Either of this app might require root access if your device is less than Android 5.0.
  • Do not disconnect, restart or shut down the app during font installation.
  •  It’s advisable to backup your default font before opting to another.Were you able to change your font? Which of these apps did you use?

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