One of the most asked questions for anyone wanting to try the solar panel for the very first time is how much does this solar panel cost actually for a house, a company, a shop or just a street.
Although there are numerous tools online which tries to provide an approximated price of which the solar panel set up might probably cost.
But, this can be somehow confusing especially when the tools are very based on some other countries calculations which are entirely different from yours, for example, the solar panel cost in Nigeria is totally different from that of India.
Solar panel, Solar Panel Cost & How to Buy
The prices are also determined by the exposure of the location to the solar panel and this is why it seems very cheap in the USA.
Okay, let us take the USA as a case study in this article, it’s is judged by average that each houses utilize electricity up to 1KWh (Per hour) but this might not be so in Nigeria because  there are different powerful gadgets still used here but has actually been scrapped off in the USA for years.
Now let’s get back to the main deal of the deal, I know you might are still worried and perhaps be asking yourself silently “how much can get me a fully working solar panel system in my desired place? where can I get trusted solar panel?” and so on.
Right on time, you’re here and I am about to split everything up for easier understanding in this article. The very first thing that is to enlighten you even more about the Solar Power in general.
Solar power is simply the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity, either directly using photovoltaics (PV), or indirectly using concentrated solar power, or the combination of both.
So we just completed one of the critical steps by brushing through the already known forms of energy and their conversion of energy.
The very next thing to know at this juncture is what the solar panel does and how to easily determine the size of single solar panel that will be installed at your home or desired station to have all your electric stuff working.
Solar Panel is what makes the solar power possible. It is made up of silicons which takes energy from the sun and convert them into either heat or electricity as the case may be.
Currently, since the price of a standard single solar panel has fallen significantly over the past few years from around $4 per Watt to around $0.9* per Watt (this varies with region and remember the USA is the case study).
Solar panel, Solar Panel Cost & How to Buy

Determine Size of Solar Panel Cost

To determine the size of solar panel cost for your desired location can be very tricky and confusing except for trained professionals and people that have been playing around science for a while. Just in case you don’t find this comprehensive enough, please contact a professional and I am sure they are willing to help.
If you can, here is a catch:
1. Within the past few months, I came across up to three different scenarios that were funnier than I thought.
Before you opt in for any solar panel at home, office, work or anywhere, the most important thing is to consider how frequently the sun shines in your area alongside with how many likely energy your appliances are likely to consume for months.
Make sure to complete this step carefully because areas with less sunshine time will require larger panels so they generate more energy in less time and this will surely result in a larger budget.
2. To proceed, you will also need to check your current electric bill/meter, compare it with the previous ones and finally take a wide overview of up to the overview of about 5 months to 13 months and then take the average usage of each month in kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage.
Also, try to take the average of two-three months together, take the average of all the months you overview. Split it up based on gadgets and appliances and when you are done with the Statistics process, you will finally know the amount of energy you need.
3. Now let’s take the average, A 1KW sized solar panel can take about 7-9sq m (square meter), and can output up to 850KWh annually and costs about $2,699 – $3,699.
Now to the above step, is your average usage less or greater than this?
4. Now you know how to determine the size you need yourself.

Where to Buy Solar Panel for Home

Solar Panels are fast growing but depending on your location too, there might be some local installers around with high charges but in this article, Amazon is the preferred place you can get your solar panel from and finally you see the help of your local installers if the installation manual provided isn’t comprehensive enough and even for better and swift installation. But without a single doubt, Amazon is a global store that ships to any country where you can buy starter kits and with time, the list will be updated.



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