Simplest ways of getting YouTube/Online videos downloaded

Hi, wondering how to download youtube Videos?
Method 1
I was just like you until I discovered this simple trick. This trick is so cool, I have been using it to download YOUTUBE VIDEOS for a while now. It works perfectly for downloading any YouTube videos which you like and would want to save on your PC for later use when offline. So, here is how you can download youtube videos using this “ss” trick.
Step 1. You can simply do this by adding ‘ss’ to the url of the video (let’s say this video url >>>
Step 2. Ass you can see, ‘ss’ is already added to the url. Then press enter. eg.
Step 3. It will redirect you to this
Choose your video file type and format of the video and press the download button and the video will get downloaded on your pc for free.
NOTE: Spot the difference in the youtube video URL of Step 1 and Step 2. Make sure you add the “ss” after www. i.e then the rest of the link
If This Trick worked for you, please kindly give us feedback by dropping your comment. Thanks
Advantages of using this “SS” trick for downloading videos:
1. It’s free to use.
2. No such risk of loosing money there.
3. Can download any youtube video.
4. This ss trick not just work perfectly on youtube but also on other video sharing websites.
The disadvantage is just that the website is full of annoying advertisement and the links expires within a specific period of time.
Method 2
Download vidmate and start surfing, it is not available in App store. Get it @
Method 3
Update your YouTube application to the latest version, then you can download it.
Note: you can only play videos downloaded through this method using YouTube application because the file is been split in a way you can’t even access it with another browser.
Do you have another method we can use to download YouTube/online videos? Drop it in the comment section, your love keep us going.
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