Today, I’ll be showing you how to setup OVPN on your Android like a boss. OpenVPN Connect is the official full-featured Android VPN client for the OpenVPN Access Server, Private Tunnel VPN and OVPN Community, developed by OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.
Everyone wants to access blocked websites and in fact, protect their online privacy. Currently, I guess almost everyone knows about VPN now and some utilize it. If you have been using Hola VPN for Android, even though it’s easy and fun to use but it has some limitations, e.g when you try to access some of Google’s Product, it shows up an error complaining about the network provider. If you’ve been experiencing this, here is a solution.
Follow the steps  below:
1. Download OpenVPN from Play Store.
3. Download any server file of your choice (from Free OpenVPN section), note the username and password, for convenience, you can write it down. However, the username is always: vpnbook, and the password is dynamic i.e you’ll find the password below the username because it changes every day.
4.  After downloading, your downloaded file will be in zip format, now unzip the server file using any .zip extractor.
5. Navigate and open the OVPN from your app list, launch it, you’ll see something like OpenVPN profile, import any of the extracted file but if you’re not sure, import the one with TCP80.
6. Fill in the username and password area with the ones collected in step 4.
7. Click on connect.
Now you’re browsing in your desired location. Take a minute of your time to share this with others.

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