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SEMRush: New Websites and Blogs are being created every day, Articles are being published every minute, social media likes, shares, comments and promoting also takes place every second.
Every Blogger or Webmaster wish is to get their blogs/websites on the world top list, become famous and also make money from their blog.
Are you getting what you really want? Unfortunately, you are not getting it at all or getting little?
The solution is right in your hands. A successful Online Business isn’t all about how many posts you have, it’s all about SEO.
SEO(Search Engine Optimization): In a layman’s language, SEO main goals is growing visibility/traffic in organic (non-paid) search engine results.
Submitting your sitemap or site map to search engines isn’t enough to rank well on Google because there are others (your competitors) that take over the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). I know you will be in a haste to know how to find those competitors.
Over the years now we have seen, read and use SEO tools, sometimes bad result and sometimes otherwise but today I am showing you the Present and Future SEO tool – SEMRUSH 


SEMRUSH is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing, from SEO and PPC to social media and video advertising research.
If you have not been using SEMrush then, I assume you have been missing and have not taken the right step to take yet.
SEMrush has been existing for over 7 years now and I haven’t personally had a complain or seen others complain about their services.
SEMrush is a SEM tools for professionals. This wonderful tool allows you to find out so many information about your website, blog or keywords, also analyze your blog for better performance and can do competition analysis like competitor’s keyword research, backlinks analysis and lot more.
1. SEMrush has a large database and you can also check your rankings/keywords as per countries.
2. SEMrush offers a free period trial. Everyone is free to use it but a maximum of 5 results on any tool.
3. SEMrush has satisfied and helped millions of Blogs / Website reach their goals.
4. It provides you with real information and rankings are based mainly on keywords.
5. It rankings cannot be manipulated unlike others e.g Alexa (when you buy a plan, your rankings will surely increase).
6. Marketers will easily find the best website/blog/keywords for their services.
7. It shows your Top Organic Keywords, your position on search engines for a particular keyword and also the competitors.
8. It doesn’t require a special knowledge before you can use it.
9. Export reports
10. It’s extremely cheap and safe.


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