See How to Play This Hidden Game In Chrome Browser

Good day dear reader, welcome to another interesting posts of our.
Today, I will be discussing how to play the hidden game on Google chrome browser (both on Mobile and PC) but this article is strictly for mobile even though following the same process on PC gives you the same result.
I know GTA, Candy Crush, RoadRash, Game of Thrones, etc lovers might know about this trick, but either way, I am still writing about it.
Oh, I make too make noises this days…lol
Follow this steps orderly:
1. Switch off your mobile network (phone data or WiFi).
2. Open your Chrome browser
3. Open new tab, input any link, you will get an error connection message like the picture below.
4. Tap  your screen and then the game starts.
5. Beat my high score if you can!!!
Note: This works well, if this method doesn’t work for you, update your chrome. This tricks work on Chrome, Chromium, Chrome beta, etc.
Probably, I omitted something? Is there any other tricks in Chrome that you think we don’t know? Kindly share your view.
Please comment and share. Your love keeps us moving. We love you.
Before I forget, if you were able to beat my score at first play, comment and then we will meet at final stage!!!
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