Before you embark on the quest of cleaning your solar panel, there are some basic things you need to know, like its components and what materials it react with.  Majority of solar panels utilize Silicon – Si mainly, plus a few other Common elements (e.g Aluminum, Boron, Oxygen, Phosphorus, etc).
clean solar panels, How to Safely Clean Solar Panels


#1 Make sure you contact your solar panel installer/company or read the manual guide to verify if your solar panel can be cleaned without any side effect (this is because solar panel components are different from others) and they might have certain recommendations guiding the cleaning of the panel.
#2 Can you reach the solar panel safely? Stay there and clean for hours without hurting yourself? If you can’t reach the solar panel (on the roof) it is safer to contact a professional who has the perfect tool for the system.
[et_bloom_inline optin_id=optin_3] #3 Do not clean the solar panel under a hot condition e.g cleaning the solar panel when it is hot or sunny may damage the panel.
#4 Avoid using objects e.g metals that can cause wear and tear on the surface of the solar panel as they can either damage the panel or void your warranty and also do not use detergents on them, it is recommended you use just soft cloth sponge with water.
#5 The best time for cleaning is early in the morning. Also, the usage of deionized water is recommended as it attracts dirt easily (used by professionals)

Items Needed for Cleaning

  • A  squeegee with plastic blade
  • Soft or Cloth Covered Sponge
  • Water supply (e.g using hose)
  • Quality Brush
  • The solar panel manual + Your safety

clean solar panels, How to Safely Clean Solar Panels

How to Safely Clean Your Solar Panels

#1 Disconnect and Shut Down every connection associated with the solar panel (check your manual or seek professional guidance to be able to do this.
#2  From your water supply, fill a bucket with water and use the cloth covered sponge to clean the solar panel surface gently.

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