How to Recover Deleted Data on your Android

There are most things seems painful as much losing your data’s involuntarily and not being able to get it back. Sometimes, we lose some of our data when someone takes over our device, or the phone just misbehaves or the so called boost apps decided to clean some files just to create enough space. But in a situation like this, what does one do? Just cry it off?
No, you don’t have to worry or panic about your data that was mistakenly deleted again, as long as it is still within the range of 30days, your device is rooted and of course you’ve dr.fone installed.

What is dr.fone?

Recover Deleted
dr.fone – the world’s 1st Android Data Recovery Software for Smartphones and Tablets!
This application will enable you to recover accidentally deleted or lost photos, videos, Messages (SMS)and Contacts from your phone.


  •  Recover from Cache (No rooting necessary!*)
  • Recover Photos & videos
  • Recover Messages
  • Recover Contacts
  • Deep Recovery supports more data loss scenarios,like accidentally deleted data/ rooting errors / OS update / system crash, .etc.
  •  Recycle Bin (No rooting necessary!*)
  • A Simple but Powerful Mobile Tool for Data Transfer and management
  • Clone (1-Click Phone to Phone Transfer)
  • Backup, Mirror, Root

Most of the above features require root and the app is very much likely not to recover your deleted files if you’re not rooted. Also, you should never place too much of your belief in recovery apps, rather you should:

  • Backup your important files in the cloud.
  • Avoid installing apps that might have access to your files without permission
  • Do NOT delete that file, it is non-recoverable unless you have the backup.

Click Here to Download dr.fone Pro Free

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