PRO 2018: Football Game is one the best and most addictive evergreen game available for mobile, the app developers took a great look into other soccer games app and make some major improvements and added some cool great features into the app that makes you enjoy every second spent playing the game without getting bored.

PRO 2018: Football Game

Over 5 Million global users can’t be wrong about Pro 2018 soccer game. But wait before we proceed, do you love soccer games?
Substantially, the game is fully packed with loads of challenges and modes which makes it more interesting and much more explorable.

Pro 2018 APK has a very cool and interesting storyline and design as the bouncing soccer ball will puzzle you and mess your head around. The success and failure of the game are in your hands, so you need to control the soccer ball to make sure that it is landed on the grass otherwise you fail.
The main thing to avoid in the game is the grass spikes as they might cause and claim your hard earned points. Then you can collect the soccer boot rewards and make sure to land the bouncing soccer ball on the grass.
This is a perfect game crafted for all soccer sports fans to test their football gameplay skills. Players can also compare their gameplay with other players and their own friends. Run, haggling, dribble using soccer kicks, marks goals and win the league this year.
PRO 2018: Football Game APK Download

How to Play

Similar to other soccer games on Android, the control keys are on the screen

  • Pass button X” for pass and tackle,
  • Kick button O” to shoot the football.
  • Direction Key” to control the movement of the player.

With amazing graphics and easy navigation controls, the “PRO 2018: Football Game” is the most fantastic casual style game which is suitable for any age group.
The controls are very easy that anyone can play without little to no special gaming skills. The soccer game is super handy and exciting that requires focus to complete the level. A small spike on your way and you may lose the level. So beware collect the Soccer Boot rewards and avoid the grass spikes to finish the level with maximum score.
As you advance levels, the challenges increase and it becomes even tougher to finish the level.
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