Using your gadgets for only non-profitable things like chatting with friends isn’t worth it in 2018. Why? In 2018, there are more ways to make money online from home using your gadgets. There are lots of things you can engage in online and will fetch you money depending on how much effort you put in them. One of the things you can engage in to make money online is playing bet.

For sure, everyone is familiar with what betting is and at least once engaged in it directly or indirectly but now is the perfect time to turn betting into your source of income.

For instance, if I and my friends are predicting the weather for tomorrow and my opinion is tomorrow will be a sunny day but my friends opinions are that tomorrow will be a rainy day. If I am sure about my prediction, I can take the step of supporting my prediction with money, and then when tomorrow comes and it is a sunny day, I just made twice of my money without stress. This is a simple illustration of how betting works and can fetch you a fortune by just predicting.

Playing your first bet online and making the most with is what you want as a new gambler but to make this happens there are easy steps you can’t neglect if you truly want to make your first $ betting.


This is the most important part of placing your first bet online because you have to sit down, understand the basics of what you are about to predict and then give it your best shot. To understand the basics of what you’re about to predict about, you need to study it well and analyze it, if possible find the average of the wins, the losses and check the consistency of each, this will give you a head start.

First Bet Online

For example, as a WWE fan, I can predict Brock Lesnar retaining his championship based on his previous matches. It is that easy.

Monetizing your Prediction

Place your First Bet Onlinev

After predicting, you might be worried about where you can place your bet online securely, there are lots of sites online where you can place your bet, e.g. it’s a quick sign up and you set up your account. Also, you will need to fund your account wallet and add withdrawal method and then you’re set. You’re now a step away from playing your first bet online and making money with it.

Understanding Odds

As a beginner, when trying to place your first bet online after funding your account, you will see some weird things that don’t look easy to understand they are called ODDS, it’s normal for every new user to feel this way but here is a catch.

3 Easy Steps to Place your First Bet Online

Odds are used in calculating how much returns you will get from a specific bet. The odds depend on how much you put in, for example, assuming I am betting $10 on Brock Lesnar with an odd of 1.5 means if Brock wins, my total earnings will be $15 (bet amount x 1.5 odds) and these type of odds are called odds on. Odds on are very easy to win but with fewer returns, also odds against is very difficult to win but larger returns.


Making money betting online seems easy but you will never make something good out of it if you don’t take it seriously. Take it like a business, spend more time predicting and spending, in no time you will become a good earner. Also, you need to understand that there are losses and wins, learn from them.

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