How to Setup Page Load Progress Bar Using Pace.js

In this era where Mobile, Web applications seem to be the next generation of innovation that will take over Desktops apps, a very clean and fast UI is needed to achieve this for each app.
Most Desktops apps utilize loading bar either using animation, number or anything moving just to keep the users aware that the task is up, running and completing. To make Web Apps more like them, a page load bar is used (it also increases page load speed) which can be set up easily either creating code from scratch or use already made code and implement.

How to Setup Page Load Progress Bar Using Pace.js

Pace.js is a javascript library that allows you to easily setup a beautiful page load progress bar. Include pace.js and a CSS theme of your choice, and you get a beautiful progress indicator for your page load and ajax navigation.
Pace Page Load Progress
Pace will automatically monitor your ajax requests, event loop lag, document ready state, and elements on your page to decide the progress. On ajax navigation, it will begin again! No need to hook into any of your code, progress is detected automatically.

Setting up Pace.js

#1 Go to Pace.js and select the preferred theme and the color you want
#2 Include Pace.js and the theme preferred theme CSS of your choice on your page

Pace.js Alternatives


Progressbar Page Load Progress
ProgressBar.js is lightweight, MIT licensed and supports all major browsers including IE9+. With ProgressBar.js, it’s easy to create responsive and stylish progress bars for the web. Animations perform well even on mobile devices. It provides a few built‑in shapes like Line, Circle, and semi circle but you can also create custom shaped progress bars with any vector graphic editor.

#2 Progress.Js

ProgressJS Page Load Progress
ProgressJs is a JavaScript and CSS3 library which helps developers create and manage progress bars for any object on the page. You can design your own template for progress bars or simply customize them.
You can use ProgressJs to show the progress of loading contents (images, videos, etc.) on the page to the users. It can be used on all elements including text boxes, text areas or even the whole body. It’s light-weight, easy to use, customizable, free and open-source.

#3 NProgress.js

NProgress Page Load Progress
A nanoscopic progress bar. With realistic trickle animations to tell your users that something’s happening!

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