Thanks to the evolution of gadgets, we can control, reach the World from our end without having to open even our door. Presently, in the golden age, there are lots of opportunities and advantages which we are eligible for online e.g online casino which requires gaming skill.
Games are very important in our daily activities, not just because of the fun or pleasure but there is also health advantage of it as it helps build the brain, body active and smart.
In this article, I will be sharing with you few reasons why online gaming is the future of gaming:

#1 It’s a Digital Generation

Earlier this year, you must have heard about the case of Google AI defeating human Go champion and also considering the rate at which people download and play games on their internet accessible gadgets e.g Phone, PS4,  etc, is quite low compared to the numbers of people who sit next to a PC. Do you even need a PlayStation when you can download virtually all the games to your games to your gadget and also use your controller?
Just as storing files on Floppy Disk to CD/DVD Drive to Flash Drive to Hard Disk and finally to Cloud Storage evolved, online gaming will evolve the same way very soon.

#2 You can Earn Gaming Online

Yes, you can. Remember the Google AdSense slogan “Turning your passion into a profession.”? If you love playing games at home or school, then you should consider starting to play games online.
Imagine playing games and getting paid for it. While some companies offer you to test their game, though you have to be licensed for it and you need to sign a contract which states that you won’t tell anyone or publish the game anywhere, other companies offer you to play an online casino without having to invest a dime, that can never be achieved gaming locally in your room, and since almost everyone spends at least 4 hours online daily without getting in return, you can actually monetize this time of yours. All you need is to know how game mechanics work and utilize that to gain advanced knowledge and skill, which in turn will make you a pro. Gaming can also be considered as a subject that you need to study in order to know it.

#3 Meet People Like You

Online Gaming Future
Earlier this year, I was playing a game locally and to be honest I did very well playing the game, I mean playing against the codes, funny enough. So I was on the verge of finishing the game before realizing it has Global Multiplayer feature and leaderboard, on realizing this I find a peer and we played. It was after then I realized I don’t know how to play the game.
Gaming online just doesn’t build your brain and keep you healthy but it also makes you meet more people all over the World that may be better than you in gaming and this will keep challenging you, time consciousness and never get bored again.

#4 They Get you Motivated and turns you into Fast Problem Solver

Games lovers are always smart because they’re always ready for anything that comes into their way but the smartness can also be improved by gaming online and still one of the reasons gaming online is the future of gaming.

#5 You can be the Next World Champion

Most Games now have World leaderboard which is shown to every user connected to the internet, this is because they understand the impact of online gaming in this age. If you’re very good at a particular game and you can beat the high scores of all the game players from all over the World, are you not a champion? Yes, you’re a champion but this cannot happen just by playing your game offline.
In conclusion, online gaming shouldn’t be rated lowly by anyone because it is actually the future of gaming.


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  • Hey Iyanu,it was really nice reading this one,but i have a question,I’ve been playing this game called Star wars combine on web for like two years now,other users say it is free to login into the game without charges and lately my phone has been consuming my data like a parasite,so i was wondering if you could give me a tip on how to login free too on the game as I’ve tried and failed.
    I’m using an android smartphone.