Modern Combat Versus APK is a one of its kind addictive new era shooter game which brings about fun through the online FPS. It is totally free to enjoy.

Modern Combat Versus APK

Need I say more? This game is the face of Android Excellence Game for 2018 with its full-featured graphics and appealing interface which can get any gamer wandering around. It is 100% addictive.
Now get a head start by choosing your preferred Agent, after which you will also need to master your role.
Done mastering your role? Now it’s the time to dominate the battlefield alongside with your team and show the enemies what you have got.
Making use of one of the special skills you are provided with, turn the situation around by converting assassins to your personal team supporters and defenders meanwhile, don’t forget to run ‘n’ gun attackers down, there’s an Agent for every style of warfare.


  • Built for the lovers of online FPS battles, lovers of team-based shooter games, and lovers of run & gun warfare
  • Maximize every opportunity by making every bullet count in the 4v4 online multiplayer battles which features a couple of very competitive team-based game modes.
  • There are more than enough specialized and unique Agents, choose your preferred character from the more than 13 specialized Agents provided in the game, each of which is equipped with unique guns and abilities.
  • Go Social! Go World! Create or join a clan to connect with other Modern Combat Versus APK from around the world.
  • Hosting Live Tournaments in any online FPS battles games has never been easier but it got bigger here with custom lobbies and in-game prizes!
  • Go for the kill as you battle across 5 distinct maps ranging from close-quarters to long-range warfare. There’s multiplayer action around every corner.
  • Compete in monthly seasons and get promoted to higher-ranked leagues where the warfare hits new heights of online action! Earn free prizes and prestigious rewards.
  • Customize your Agents with cosmetic skins featuring unique designs and weapon camos.
  • Pick up and play with groundbreaking, intuitive shooter controls that are perfectly designed for an FPS game.
  • Get immersed in the action with the best console-quality FPS graphics featuring stunning visuals and effects.


Click here to download – Download APK - 100MB After downloading, the dependencies  (up to 1.6GB) are expected to begin download.
, Modern Combat Versus APK: Online Multiplayer FPS

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Modern Combat Versus: Online MultiPlayer FPS
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5, Modern Combat Versus APK: Online Multiplayer FPS, Modern Combat Versus APK: Online Multiplayer FPS, Modern Combat Versus APK: Online Multiplayer FPS, Modern Combat Versus APK: Online Multiplayer FPS, Modern Combat Versus APK: Online Multiplayer FPS

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