Methods to improve solar cell efficiency: When using solar panels, more electricity can only be guaranteed if your solar panels operate at their highest optimal efficiency, else you might experience little or no energy stored. When no energy is stored, that means there’s no hope for power and to avoid this, there are several couples of simple ways to guarantee you are getting the best of your solar investment.

Solar panels possess tons of wealth benefits for the individuals and the world as a whole. Environmentally, solar panels can give provide not only clean power but also a sustainable power that will not cause any damage to the environment. Economically, solar panels sound promising in the aspect of reducing the cost of electrical power.  Solar power can reach remote areas. It can carry education or urgently needed medical information.
Methods to Improve Solar Cell Efficiency

Methods to Improve Solar Cell Efficiency

Methods to Improve Solar Cell Efficiency

Keep your Solar Panels clean

Clean is green. When you keep your Solar/PV panels clean, then you are allowing more sunlight on your solar cells as it will absorb energy faster. This method is recommended since solar panels depend on light and with more light, more electricity can be produced. Solar panels surface being covered with dust, dirt, or leaf will result in shading the panel. Keeping your solar panels free of dirt and cleaning when required can help you increase your power production by up to  20%.

Cooling your Solar Panels

The truth is, solar cells tend to become less productive in performance as they approach high temperature, not just that but it is so with many semiconductors. Apparently, when the sunlight shines on your solar panels, they get heated up inevitably.The perfect way to fix this is the provision of enough airspace (up to 8 inches) between the roof and the solar panel so as to make the air move freely and also to cool the excess heat from the solar power panels. Installation of cooling devices is also recommended, you can ask a professional about this.

Use High Quality/Efficient Solar panels

This depends on your budget and your installer, but this will also determine if any of the methods to improve solar cell efficiency will work, even though it is not a factor to assure yourself your solar panels are operating at their maximum efficiency, but it is important. Assuming you opted for the right PV panels, then more than half of the battle is already conquered. Some Solar panels cost less, but they yield little electricity, also some solar panel professionals tend to install less quality material for their customers. Before you opt in, make sure you are getting the best with the most reliable manufacturer/professional.
Methods to Improve Solar Cell Efficiency

Point your Solar Panels in the correct direction

Regardless of your location, it is recommended for those in the Northern Hemisphere to tilt their solar panels to face southwards so that they can absorb as much sunlight as possible.
The illumination of when the sunlight shines squarely on the solar panel surface and would be more intense than if the sun shines on the solar panels at an angle.
Solar Panels for Industrials use energy can be doubled by setting up a solar tracker, this will help to recover a lot of energy. The device helps the solar panels to keep track of the sun and ensures that the rays from the sun are always perpendicular to the surface of the panel.

Proper Wiring

After all the above must have been satisfied and your Solar panel now produces maximum energy daily,  energy can still be lost if there’s any form of unsuitable wires are used.

The effects of clouds on a solar panel might make reduce its efficiency especially in some certain parts of the world during cloudy seasons e.g Germany – Germany is an example of a very cloudy country. according to Nation Master’s website, Germany is “temperate and marine; cool, cloudy, wet winters and summers; occasional warm mountain (foehn) wind”.  This result in making people who are considering opting in for solar panels in their homes ask if clouds do affect solar panels?

Does Cloud Affect Solar Panels?

Yes! Clouds have effect solar panels this is because the amount of power solar panels can generate is dependent on the level of light they receive from the sun. To be precise, when there’s bright sunlight, solar panels reach their high levels of energy generating, when there’s “high” sunlight,  solar panels will produce maximum powers in their capacity.
Using the above illustration, now consider when everywhere is cloudy and it covers the sun, the rays of light passed to the solar panels are reduced hence not reaching the expected production limit but this does not shut down power production. Eventually, with heavy cloud cover, solar panels will produce very little useful power.
Methods to Improve Solar Cell Efficiency


There are several ways to face and defeat the cloudy weather challenges, some of them are enumerated below:
#1. Study your weather carefully and then aim your solar panels towards the less cloudy part. For example: if you notice there is more cloud in your region during noon but mornings are clear, the perfect solution is aiming your solar panels slightly toward the east.
#2. Make sure you have a large battery system installed so as to help maximize the amount of power stored in case it goes cloudy for days.
#3. Ensure your controller has sufficient headroom over the rated panel output power so that it can help absorb enough energy from the surges when the sun reflects off the clouds. Note this should be as active as possible as the sun might only reflect for minutes especially in cloudy areas.
The above methods are well known and embraced in more cloudy regions of the world where people have sprinted far ahead of the United States in their use of solar panel energy.

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