Kahoot! is a learning platform which is free for trainers/teachers, learners/students, and most importantly for everyone as long as you can access the platform.
With this platform gaming, learning, and having fun together is easier as you explore it.


This is a platform where you can create, play, share, and reinforce not just the game but also learning during the process.


When you create a fun learning quiz which doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes, the quiz is automatically called Kahoots. You as the Teacher, in this case, all you have to do is make your quiz more lively by adding series of multiple questions and answers and making it lively by using images, videos, icon, sounds, etc to wrap everything up.


Playing an already created game is really filled with lots of fun as it recommended to be played in a group setting (like inside a classroom).
Each player needs to answer the questions on their device while the game is shared generally using a shared screen so as to unite the learning.
With this, you can always be certain that no one will ever want to be left behind, so they work harder to get a better point and rejoice together.
Playing Kahoot is really fun since there are already lots of games you can play, you are not limited.


Save the part that the game is shared using a kind of big screen, the games can also be shared on social networks and this will really boost the learning performance as they go worldwide.

Kahoot.it Sign Up

To join this great platform and become either a teacher or a student, follow the below procedure

  • Using your Web Browser, you need to visit the official site of this platform by clicking Here
  • But preferably, since the app is available on Mobile devices, it is recommended you download the app and register for the app.
    To download the app on PlayStore, click Here
    To download the app from the App Store, click Here
  • You will be asked how you want to use the platform, either as a teacher, as a student, as a worker, or socially.
  • Now you can sign up automatically by using your Facebook or Microsoft account and manually by email. You’re set.

Kahoot.it Pros


  1. It is totally free and easy to use for schools and personal use. There is no hidden fee for a user.
  2. It is very flexible and can be used in any area of learning irrespective of the learner’s age, as far as they can understand what is on the screen.
  3. You don’t need a large inventory set up to use it, it is accessible on your mobile and desktop devices with an internet connection.
  4. It is diverse and engaging.
  5. You can use this platform from anywhere in the World, there is no restriction.
  6. Play either Globally, in groups or individually.
  7. You can create and host games easily.
  8. Search and Play million of already made games.
  9. Share games with your friends, they don’t need an account to play with you.

Kahoot.it Cons

  1. The platform looks good but, it takes few hours to days before they understand how to use it properly. It is a bit technical.
  2. The more the users, the more likely you’re likely to get the platform lagging.
  3. Using the platform on a less compatible device or a slow network can cause it to restart several times. To enjoy the game well, the network at both ends should be OK.
  4. You can’t skip the game even when you’re done a bit earlier before the stipulated time. You have to wait till the time runs out.

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