The Jumia Mobile Week 2018  is just a few days around the corner and if you’re not familiar with what’s going to happen during the Mobile week, here is a catch.
Jumia Mobile Week 2017 came and went, which left smiles on a lotta people’s face, you know how that was achieved, No I guess you don’t, Well it was via Jumia Mobile Week flash sales,  Smartphones prices are about to go lit, which means at this forthcoming Jumia Mobile Week megathon flash Sales you will be getting the smartphone of your choice at a super doper discounted price for as long as a week after which everything will return to their normal prices.
Save the Date: Starting from the 19th of March 2018 to the 25th of March 2018.

About Jumia Nigeria.

So far, Jumia is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in Africa and without a single doubt the number one biggest and popular e-commerce online store in Nigeria.
Jumia first impression can be traced back to 2012 when it first showed interest by establishing their inventory in some of the well-known African countries namely: Angola, Cameroon, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Uganda,  Egypt, and so on by selling jumia phones and tablets and so many other things during the like days of Jumia flash Sales, Jumia promo sales, jumia black friday sales etc.
Ever since then, Jumia has been providing the best service and of course, the most trusted e-commerce site in Africa and this brings about referencing Jumia Black Friday 2016 there were a total sales of 295,000 Two hundred and Ninety-Five thousand Sales which was amounted to over 7 Million in Naira.
That scenario was in 2016& another was created during the Jumia mobile week 2017Jumia flash sales 2017 and currently, in 2018, another record is about to be broken during the Jumia Mobile Week 2018

Jumia Mobile Week 2018.

Jumia Mobile Week Megathon has been and is still currently the greatest mobile event in Nigeria, where you get exclusive Jumia Mobile Week flash sales with massive  discounts when purchasing just jumia phones and prices will just be as cool it can be, well at this stage you have tried , kindly grab a Glass of water or Juice as we learn more about Jumia Mobile Week Nigeria, Kenya etc since it is just the Jumia Mobile week 2018 which will last for just 7 days.
This is the 4th edition of the Jumia mobile week Megathon as the first edition was in 2015.
But wait, that’s not all. During the Mobile Week 2018, you can get the smartphone you’ve always been willing to buy even at a discounted price.
Jumia claimed that there are over 200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand) of vouchers from which you can win and you can use it to further discount the price of your dream smartphone.
Note*: The vouchers are not applicable to Tecno, Infinix, and Gionee phones but work perfectly with others 🙂
Still, want a further discount? Yes, you can get more when you use the Jumia App (Click Here to Download the App if you don’t have it already). Below are more discounts you get using the App:

  • Extra 5%  Off when you click and Pay using the JumiaPay payment method
  • Using the Voucher Code Hunt automatically gives you up to #2,000 off any smartphone price.

I honestly feel live with the huge deals coming from the Jumia Mobile Week 2018 around in the next couple of days. Don’t Miss the Jumia Mobile week flash sales trust me Jumia phones and prices had a dope discount as at  Jumia Mobile Week 2017

Deals of Mobile Week.

I have a good news and a bad news but I will go with the bad one first.
Unfortunately, just from the name, during the mobile week 2018, you can only enjoy discounts and offers only on Smartphones, but then there might be the inclusions of Mobile Accessories and jumia tablets so you have to enjoy it.
Now the good news, 🙂 there’s no limit to how many times you can enjoy the offer on a single account as long as what you’re buying is a smartphone.
Jumia Mobile Week 2018
There’s also a need for you to highlight this part of the article if you’re interested in participating in the Jumia Mobile week 2018.
The 2018 mobile week which is the 4th edition will be featuring some of the popular smartphone brands in Nigeria, ranging from Tecno, Infinix, Innjoo, Motorola, Lenovo, Samsung, Xiaomi and so many more brands, most of this awesome & whooping discounts happen live on the Jumia Mobile Week Flash sales , so don’t endeavour to miss it.
Getting more interesting 🙂 as Jumia is giving an assurance of adding tons of new exclusive deals every midnight alongside with flash sales every day.
Also, products labeled as Jumia Express are expected to be delivered within 24 hours to customers in Lagos if order before 2:00 PM any day.
As an extended discount which I call bonus, every smartphone ordered during the period of the Jumia Mobile Week 2018 a free 4G enabled MTN SIM will be included in the smartphone package which you just have to register and start experiencing the swift speed of the 4G. 🙂
Also, for some luckier users, they can get up 100% bonus on every data plan purchased for 3 months but every user is eligible to a standard of 20% bonus on every data plan purchased using the *131# for 3 months.

7 Steps to Shop Like A Pro During the Jumia Mobile Week 2018 & Catch Awesome Deals at the Jumia Mobile Week Flash Sales.

  • There’s nothing like Slow and Steady, it is fast and steady and moreover, the patient dog no longer eats the fattest bone. This means before the date, you should have a list of what you are buying, get your gadgets fully charged, and most importantly, the money ready so all you have to do is try to be the first one to enjoy the deals otherwise, you will enjoy the leftover. Bookmark this page or subscribe to our notifications or better still Click Here and subscribe via email to keep updated and notify you immediately the deal is on.
  • Surf through the Jumia Store, find all the sellers and stores having the smartphone you wish to buy. Then, try as much as possible to select out the ones having the best reviews and delivery time. Not that other sellers aren’t trusted but since there will be tons of orders during the period, a more experienced seller will know how to process the order much faster.
  • Never make an order without a voucher or coupon during the period. Yeah! Don’t try to make the mistake of ordering without any discount during the Jumia Mobile week 2018, just calm down and Click Hereand spin the wheel to get coupons every day :).
  • Try to shop with the Mobile App as you can get more discount on it.
  • Buy only the best, there is no time to start having regrets not buying a more advanced phone.
  • Ask us a question and we’re here to provide you with the best. If you’re confused about which smartphone to buy, we can give you a hand :).If you need help shopping, we can help :).
  • Don’t forget all the six steps above, then you get the deal of the year in just a week. Remember to share this page with your friends if you find it useful.


The Jumia Mobile Week 2018 will come and go in just 7 days but what you’re able to get within the 7 days stays with you for months, years depending on you.
Jumia already promised that the deals are going to be even much better than that of the Black Friday, if you enjoyed the black Friday offers of 2017, you will understand this better.
All you have to do is save the date, keep it in your mind, get the money ready, purchase as many smartphones as you like.

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