Jumia Black Friday 2018

Jumia Black Friday 2018 is just a few days around the corner (it is scheduled to run for 30 days starting from midnight on the 5th November 2018) and we all know what Black Fridays are all about.

Black Fridays are usually scheduled to run between in the last three months of the year with the main aim of reducing prices of items to the least possible so that customers can easily purchase.

It is no difference in the case of Jumia has they company has been steadily running the flash sale opportunity since 2009 and it each of them has been.

Last year’s deals were overwhelming because no one could ever think of getting original products at that discounted price. So if you miss that of last year, you shouldn’t miss this one.

So, what is your plan this coming Black Friday hosted by Jumia? This is the probably the best time to make the best purchase you have been dreaming to make since the begging of the year since you might never have another perfect shot to get items cheaper than during the upcoming Black Friday which will last for 30 days.

This is the perfect time to save a lot of appliances, gadgets, fashion, phones, sports items, baby kinds of stuff, office stuff and so on.

Even though what you might have been hearing might just be based on Jumia Black Friday 2018 in Nigeria, forget about that. So far Jumia is available in your country, you are good to go.

Jumia Black Friday 2018 in Egypt, Kenya & Ghana

The celebration of Jumia’s Black Friday 2018 in Egypt will be bigger than you have ever imagined it will.

Expect the deals in different shapes and all kinds of forms that will leave you speechless.

So save the date, November 5th and you should try to be active on the Jumia’s website as many times daily as you can use so you won’t miss any of the deals.

As stated by Jumia, expect different kinds of deals ranging from mobile accessories home appliances such as an air conditioner or TV, you will find the best deals and even coupons to use while shopping.

Looking for a new camera, for example? Or maybe even a mobile or laptop, get the best discounts on all electronics.

Also, for your home, you can get yourself a new dishwasher, vacuum cleaner or even fridge from our collection at massive discounts.

Clothing and footwear are essential, so start shopping for women clothes or men clothes online at the lowest prices in Nigeria, Egypt, Kenya, and Ghana from all your favorite brands.

Jumia Nigeria Deals

Jumia Kenya Deals

Jumia Egypt Deals

Jumia Ghana Deals

Get Jumia Black Friday 2018 Coupons

Wheel of Fortune

This is one of the most used and certain ways of getting loads of coupons from Jumia especially during festive seasons, so while others are looking for what to buy you should be focused on how to SPIN and WIN big.


Yes! Since the deals are not yet on, make a list of what you are buying pending the time they will be discounted and you can further proceed to reduce the price with your coupons.

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