Into the Dead is a zombie based adventure game for Android devices. In a dark city that is surrounded by smoke, zombies are getting ready to tear you apart while you’re asleep, you woke up to see undead creatures surrounding you with a “no mercy” look.

Into the Dead MOD APK

Into the Dead is a must play game for addictive game lovers, it is an Android game whose genre is horror.

It is very adventurous and not so easy to play, I guess that is what makes it more interesting.

While you’re asleep in a place, a lot of zombies are surrounding you waiting for you to wake up, as soon as you wake up, the attack starts and the zombies start coming towards you.

However, you’ll be the owner of a pistol which you can use to protect yourself against these beasts in a black smoke area.

That’s really hard, horrible and terrifying to play. However, to make it easier and more interesting to play, A MOD Apk version has been created and available for you to enjoy.

If you need to experience a perspective way of living in a zombie arena or zombie world, where they all want you dead, this is the right game for you. So, tear them apart or you get killed.

The modified version offers unlimited gold supply and you can purchase as much weapon as you like without worrying about the price Tags for once, with everything available, you’re sure and confidence enough to defeat all zombies.

Into the dead MOD Apk allows all gamers to enjoy all available features and coins of this game absolutely for free, no charges are included.

And It is created with a very good graphics display that makes it look real to gamers in their approach to the unique Gameplay.


While you’re in your helicopter trying to reach the safe zone, but it got crashed before you could get to your destination and you’re therefore tasked with the responsibility to pick up yourself and embark on the journey to the safe zone.

However, it doesn’t go straight forward or easy as it sounds, because zombies are out there looming to tear you apart.

So Take note of every little shadow beside you because there is only one thing involved, kill or get killed.

The more you play, the more you get addicted to it because it gets more interesting as each level passes and since the user is provides with all available resources for free, there is nothing to worry About.

This game also allows gamers to challenge their friends in the multiplayer mode to determine who the best gamer are among peer groups.


  • Easy and Unique Gameplay.
  • Unique Graphics display.
  • Adventurous
  • Different Difficulty Gaming Levels.
  • Variety of Game Modes.
  • Multi-Player Gameplay. Etc


The downloading requirements are quite easy and straight forward. Make sure your Android device has enough space for downloading the file and for installation, visit the link below and download.


After downloading, install the game on your device, grant all required permission and get ready to encounter some thrilling challenges with the zombies.


This game is created to allow gamers enjoy a versatile experience of a unique gameplay which has only one rule guiding it.

Survive in the Zombie world where every beast is after your life and Into the Dead MOD lets users enjoy all features for free without worrying about how much coins or gold you have available, with this, you can defeat all zombies at ease.

However, the graphics display also makes it looks like it is a reality while fighting the zombies in the dark city full of smokes.

Download and Enjoy with your friends, but one thing is to be remembered always, KILL OR GET KILLED!

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