Search engines are known to recommended sites when a query is inputted and searched on them. Majority including myself believes the first three suggested sites for an inputted query has the perfect solution, moreover there’s a common saying that “the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google” meaning most times if the first page doesn’t answer our question, there’s a tweak in the search query so that the different result can be displayed.
Here, I’ll show you 15 things to do that can enhance your visibility and rankings on search engines, in this guide I believe every one of us has our URL submitted and verified to search engines:

15 Ways to Increase your Site Visibility on Search Engines

increase site visibility
1. Correct use of meta tags and must be in the head section of the site i.e before </head>.
Meta tags are required for: Site name, Site Tagline, Language, Search Engines Verification, OG property, Facebook Page ID, Author name, Robots controls, Canonical URL (to disable use of the same Meta tag on different pages), keywords.
2. Make sure the keywords you’re using are related to niche and the tags you use on your blog. In a situation where a fashion blog is using “android app” as one of its keywords, it’s more or less like a fail.
3. Before creating a new topic or using the tag(s), make sure to identify sites competing and ranking for the keywords. If you can outrank them, go on but if you can’t, tweak it a little and sooner or later, you’ll be able to outrank them.4. Ensure you submit the correct format of your sitemap / RSS to search engines, avoid using online generators to generate sitemap you submit.
4. Ensure you submit the correct format of your sitemap / RSS to search engines, avoid using online generators to generate sitemap you submit.
5. Avoid the use of copyrighted contents on your blog without referencing the source.
6. Do not use any form of Pop Ads, Interstitial ads on your site because search engines will automatically mark your URL as SPAM.
7. Make use of unique description for every page on your blog so that search engines can differentiate between them easily.
8. Use no index tag for non-URL friendly, secret links e.g search, admin dashboard, tags.
9.  Do not stuff keywords, be desperate to get backlinks from anywhere as search engines are against it. Do it the way it should be done: Guest post, Sponsored posts.
10. Activate SSL (https) for your site and also make use of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) as sites with these features has a better chance of performing better than others.
11. Make your site as light as possible, avoid the use of Iframe contents, unnecessary scripts, etc.
12. Use Fetch as Google / Bing feature to get your page indexed faster and how it is been rendered.
13. Always login Search Console, Bing webmaster,  to get more info about the keywords fetching your site traffic and work better on them.
14. Use high-quality metrics provider to learn more e.g Google Analytics.
15. If you’ve detected low traffic coming from search engines after you might have followed the above 14 perfectly, you should consider using Google Disavow tool (that’s if your site has spam backlinks, it can reduce your traffic).
Do you know any other way one can increase his site Visibility better Search Engines?


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