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If you think your site is failing or want to avoid failing, this is strictly for you. In just 5 minutes, we are done:
1. The first thing to consider about a blog success is it’s domain name. It doesn’t matter if one utilize a third party domain or not but how easily memorable your domain name is/are.
E.g Since my name is Iyanu Victor then I decided to choose as my domain name. That domain name is 97% a failure because users might not remember . Now, for example, what if started with the domain name  It might not be successful.
Also, domain name is not to be choose with 5 minutes, you must spend enough time finding the perfect name for you site.
E.g is successful then you decided to use, are we crunching your name? Think of how users get frustrated sometimes.
2. Do what you are good at, choose a specific category you know a lot about because you’ll answer a lot of queries of what you claimed to be good at. When you  can’t answer a User with the best answer, they assume you don’t know what you’re doing.
Don’t be in the General Niche like one of my friend. I haven’t heard that ever since I have been blogging. lol
Also make sure you relate with your users well. No harsh words!
E.g If you want to write about news, make sure you yourself have the ability to compile and get news yourself and not waiting for a site to post and then you copy. You’re failing in a marvelous way.
3. Don’t pay for traffic to your website. Why? When your subscription has been exhausted, then no more visitors. So, how do I get traffic?
Guest Posting / Sponsored Post method can really help you get traffic provided that the post you wrote got audience attention. In short, pay successful bloggers or find where to sponsor it for free and then submit your articles with your links in it (Max. of 3 links).
4. Don’t ever think you’re the master of all, always ask questions from people that Know more and are more successful than you are. 
You might really be good but there is still someone out there better than you do. You just have to be humble so you won’t fail. Your skills might be cool but someone still knows more than you. In fact, ask your users how you can improve your quality.
If you follow the above steps, you can skyrocket your blog in just 3-5 months. 
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I apologize for have not been updating the blog frequently, I have been busy watching Tom and Jerry cartoon.
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