, In 5 Minutes, I'll Give You The Truth About Why Bloggers Fail (1)
According to a trusted source, there are over 25 million Domains all over the world. I can also testify to that because a month ago, my Alexa rank was 25M+. As  at the time of writing this article, this is what I noticed:
Google Searches:
Domains Registered:
New WordPress Blog Posts:
Websites Created:
Emails Sent:
Posts on Facebook:
Uploaded YouTube Minutes:
Likes on Facebook:
Now, most of this  blogs don’t even have up to 10,000 page views a month. I will briefly list why most blogs end up not been successful:
1. Audience Targeting:
Most  webmasters and bloggers don’t know who their audiences really are, so they spend much time and later end up starting all over again.
2. Inability To Keep Your Niche:
Choose the perfect category for your blog (Fashion, food, health etc). Always try not to post outside of your niche. 
3. Too Much Content:
I once ask a friend “Why do you spend most time writing than promoting / marketing your blog” he said “Because those posts will rank better in Google some day”.  
If you have too many posts without promoting it, it’s like a car with standard engine but without fuel. Spend more time promoting, researching just than writing. It helps increase bounce rate.
4. Wrong Promotion Of Content:
There are some ways you shouldn’t promote your content, avoid promoting your link via whatsapp (AdSense Users)

Newsflash: Sharing your content to your small (and inactive)
social media accounts ISN’T PROMOTION. And doing it regularly is often a
waste of time – social triggers

5. Don’t Get Attracted By The Money:
If you blog mainly because of the money and you have no passion for it, it’s better you quit because before you can start making some cash out there, you’ve got to be active for about 6 months. 
After reading this I guess you will work on knowing who your audience really are and grow your blog like a boss.
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