How To Use Jingling To Generate Traffic

How To Use Jingling To Generate Traffic

Jingling is blackhat SEO tool from China that can generate you traffic flow of visitors to your blog/website from different countries around the world.



This software is 100% free, safe and you simply click the link URL or blog post you want to visit., then your blog will be swamped with visitors. I have tried this Jingling software in just 1 hour and result in about 8,000 visitors from various countries. The beauty of the bot is that you can use it to generate traffic through various search engines and social media. I won’t be explaining how to do this in this post, probably before this week runs out, I’ll write about it.

Download here

Download the Executable file, run it and get traffic like a boss! Remember that everything has a limit, use the bot wisely.
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  1. If you have problem with the above link, use this:, Google recently blocked the above link

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