How To Use Jingling To Drive Organic / Search Traffic To Your Website

Must Read: How To Use Jingling To Generate Traffic

Hello viewers,  I apologize for posting this late but I try to fulfill my promise.

Without wasting much of our time, You’ll only have problem if you don’t follow my instructions or go
beyond limit e.g you’re having 10 page views per day before and suddenly
increased to 1000 in an hour, I’ll assume you bought traffic, so keep
it steady and use random IP addresses. Geeks can also use this to DDOS
sites with limited bamdwidth. I’ll be brief about this tutorial. I will show you how you can generate referrals, traffic, search result in Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can check the below image for prove.

free seo submission

Before I proceed, I believe you are familiar with Jingling and if not

Download here

and also I will assume that you’re ready to take all the consequence of your mistakes while using the trick and I’m not responsible for the outcome.

1. A good VPN and select country you want Google to send traffic from.
2. A PC running on Windows. Linux users can try using wine.
3. User Agents: This will help generate the traffic from different devices, screen orientations, etc.
Now let’s get started.
1. Look for you link on either Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter or any where, just make sure the link has referral, e.g
bot traffic preview
look at the footer of the page, you can see a long link there. It is your referral link. Find it on anywhere else you need to get traffic from. If you have any issue with that, comment below.
2. Copy the whole link to Jingling application, sit back and then watch the magic happens.
1. Disable Google Analytics when you want to do this. Make sure it is not tracking your page. You can use Google Analytics with it if you know how to route your connection to make sure they can track it.
2. Don’t send traffic to just a page, send it randomly. If you’re an AdSense Publisher, Adsense will assume you bought traffic.In one of my next post, I will show you how to earn $1 or more per Download/Install on an file you refer.   

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