Hello everyone, compliments of the season and Happy Holiday!
I should have been on holiday too but I can’t since I’m the Boss of myself and I care so much about my users.
Today, I’ll be explaining briefly how you can update your PlayStore on Android to the most recent version.
As we all know that all safe apps we can use on our Android requires PlayStore for installing.
Updating your PlayStore is as simple as ABC if you follow the below steps:
1. Open PlayStore.
2. Swipe from the left hand side of your screen to the right.
3. Click on Setings
4. Tap on Play Store Version multiple times and your update will start immediately else you’ll receive an notification that your Store is up to date.?
How to Update PlayStore App


Now you’re done with updating your PlayStore.  
If you have any issue, please use the comment box below. Share it!


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