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Almost Smartphones nowadays are run on Android OS. Most Android users wants to remove Android built in applications to free up storage as well as to increase speed. However, they can’t as these inbuilt applications have secured access to keeping them from being uninstalled. There are some Android applications to Remove pre-installed Android Apps yet they require Root Access. So if your Android Device is not rooted, you’re getting stuck in an unfortunate situation but rather don’t stress we are here to help you:

  Uninstall Pre-Installed Android Apps without Rooting

Fundamentally, This Article is Based on Removing Bloatwares by a Debloater Software, a standout amongst the most well known Debloating Software utilized broadly to uninstall framework applications without rooting android. Checkout the accompanying strides to Uninstall worked in android applications without Rooting your android phone and if disturbing on any progression, comment below or post your question in our Facebook Page.

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1. Download and Install Debloater using the above link.
Ensure you enable USB Debugging in your Android phone. To Enable USB Debugging in Your Android Device :

2. Open Settings.

Go to Developer alternatives. On the off chance that you didn’t discover Developer Options menu, Go to About Phone> Build Number> Tap 7-8 times on it until it demonstrates [your’e now a developer].

In Developer Options, Scroll Down and Enable USB Debugging.

3. Connect your Android Device to your Computer by means of Cable and Open Debloater in Computer. Wait until Debloater identifies your Device.

4. At the point when Your Android Device gets Connected to Debloater, then Click on Read Device Packages Button and hold up till it stacks all applications of your Android Device.

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5. In the wake of Loading is done, Check the Checkboxes ☑ of those applications which you need to evacuate or uninstall.

6. Presently, ☑ Check Remove Check-box and Click Apply.

What’s more, that is all done. You have effectively Remove Pre Installed Android Apps without Rooting your Android Device.

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