Oh! You might have always wanted to browse on that your PC without WiFi (just like my Windows XP – WiFi never turn on) or you’re afraid of sharing connection via Hotspot just because some geeks might find a way to penetrate into your connection and exhaust your data.
Well, here is a catch for you. I have tested this method and it works perfectly for me sharing my Android phone data with my Lenovo PC (windows 8) and on Hasei (Windows XP).
Please note that this is not a trick, it’s an inbuilt function most Android device has
1. Get your USB cable ready.
2. Connect it with your PC. On connection, you’ll be prompt to select connection method.

3. Select USB Mass storage / Media Device (MTP). (It varies with phone makers).
How To Share Connection Via USB on Android

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4. Navigate to settings and find Tethering and Portable Hotspot.
5. Finally, click on USB Tethering.
How To Share Data Connection Via USB on Android

Now you should be connected to the internet. 

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