Earlier this year, Google implement a new cool feature in Google Search which will make Receive Alerts Whenever Your Name Is Mentioned On The Web, just feel just like a celebrity! You’ll receive notification whenever your name is mentioned on the web (anytime, anywhere in the world). This new feature works out well for people who have a strong online presence and want to know how frequently they are being searched/talked about.

How To Receive Alerts When Your Name Is Mentioned On The Web

How To Setup:
All you need to do is a quick Google search of your name (your Google Account full name) and if you’re signed in, you’ll see a shortcut to My Account and a direct link to your account settings. This is because Google wants your permission to store your web and app activity.

or visit this link Google Alerts and then you should be able to create the alerts yourself.  

“Save your search activity on apps and in browsers to make searches faster and get customized experiences in Search, Maps, Now, and other Google products,” says the Activity Controls page. I apologize for bringing this up so late but I know you will like this cool feature
If you’re experiencing any issues with this, drop your comment and we will reply ASAP.

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