Acting Against Carding

I guess you read my last post, if not, try to.

Carding refers to the practice of fraudsters sending bots to test stolen
credit card information on merchant sites. A plethora of stolen credit
cards or clever credit card algorithms are tested at high speeds.

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This results in heavy traffic on the website impacting user experience,
an increase in chargeback costs and transaction disputes.     

This method might not be accurate because I have never been a victim of it before, possible prevention method are:
1. Don’t installing Apps with unknown sources be it on iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux.

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2. Don’t ever enter your Card Details on a site you are not sure of.

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3. Beware of phishing and scam site and don’t ever give your card details to anyone.

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4. Disabling cookies might also works.
5. For Android users, use your default keyboard apps, there are SOME
keyboards that store users information / Cards. Avoid using them!
6. Avoid running GUI applications as privilege users. At least Linux has warned us severally.
7. Incognito tabs might help.
8. Use trusted browsers. See the information Google Chrome Browser on Android stored about me:

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 what is spamming, how to do carding
9. Use Blur to mask your card details.

Additional Tips:

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1. Through the bank.
2.  keylogging.
3. carelessness.

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4. Browser Cookies:  if you input your card
details on a site without an Encrypted connection, well, I am telling
you today that hackers can hijack the card details.

Iyanu Victor

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