Monetizing Your Android Application With AdMob 2

Today, I’ll be showing you how to create an app and monetize it with AdMob. Follow the below steps carefully:

1. Go to and create an account with them and finally click on CREATE APP, fill in the details correctly, also you can change default icon.

Monetizing Your Android Application With AdMob 2
2. Click on Module then scroll down to New Module and select you desired option, I’ll be using Feed: Blogger for this explanation.
3. After creating the module successfully, you’re free but if you’re using feeds, you have to set some more other things. Click on the Module and then click on feed again and finally click on add new feed.
Monetizing Your Android Application With AdMob 2
Input your Feed RSS address just like the above image and also set all necessary things.

By default, the Article Number limit is 50, change it to either 30 or less so as to reduce data and storage usage (the larger the limit, the larger the cache).

4. Before submitting your app for publish, go to module, you’ll find some default modules, click on them one after the other (details) then scroll down and click on “delete”. Some cannot be deleted, just click on them again and untick Enable.

Monetizing Your Android Application With AdMob 2
5, To monetize, find the monetize tab and click on it.
Login to your AdMob Dashboard, it requires an active AdSense account. If you don’t have one, I suggest you get a YouTube Adsense account and then use it.
Create Your placement – Banner Ad Unit ID and Interstitial Ad Unit ID  and place them to their respective area. The below ID is the same and not right.
Monetizing Your Android Application With AdMob 2
Please note that as a free app creator, AppYet will also show their ads in your app. You’ll take 70% of the earnings and the company will take over the others.
Finally, click on the Build Tab and click submit. The app will be sent to your email inbox.
Please stay updated because this post will be updated with time.

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