Few days ago, I shared an article regarding to how to create an Android App and I said I’ll share how to monetize it. I’m doing so now.
There are thousands way you can monetize your applications but the one people prefer is AdSense.

, How To Monetize Your Android Application Using AdMob 1

AdSense Approval(for content) has been little tough this days, getting an Approval from AdSense is difficult.
Before you can start using AdMob, you must have an active Adsense/AdWords account.

Generously take note of that this instructional exercise is for AdMob clients! To ensure this works splendidly for you it’s prescribed you read till the end!

Take after the beneath Steps Carefully!

1. Go to www.youtube.com and setup a Channel.

From the Left Menu Click My Channel and Setup a Channel for transferring your recordings, give it a Description.

2. In the wake of Creating that Channel, Make a Video on the off chance that you don’t have one as of now and transfer to your youtube Channel from the”Upload a Video”link.

3. After its done transferring, Click on”Monetize Video”

Since you’ve effectively made your youtube Channel and transferred the said video to it, Its now time to adapt it i.e Make cash with it through Google Adsense

At that point click on this Link


You would be taken to where you would information exchange with Google Adsense through Youtube, Dont stress Just fill the structure Correctly, and sit tight for the Approval, It for the most part takes 1 to 8 hours.

Check your Mail after Some hours, and you ought to see the Approval with Success .

Then login to your AdSense account, click on the Gear Icon then click on Settings, click on Access and Authorization, then activate AdMob.

We are now ready to monetize our app using AdMob. Watch out for my next post…

In the event that you confront any Challenges, Let me know in your Comments, I will Reply ASAP.

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