Boot Animation is what happens immediately after turning your device on and it takes few seconds to complete. A large percentage of people reading this now are annoyed with their Android’s device boot animation but luckily you’re here and if you have the mind, take a step forward now.

– Rooted Android Phone
– An advanced File Manager (ES Explorer)
–  A custom Boot Animation (AndroidBoot Animation,  ForumXda)

1. Download a custom boot animation from the above URL or you can Google for the ones you’ll love.
2. With your advanced File Manager and root enabled, navigate to /system/media folder and locate – this is your default boot animation. You should back it up somewhere.
3. Now, you can proceed to move the new animation to the /system/media folder and make sure you name it (you will have to change the name of the previous one)
4. Now long press the new boot animation and click on permission:

How To Manually Change Your Android Boot Animation

5. Done! You’re cool buddy, you should restart your phone and see the magic ?

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 If you ever want to switch back to your original boot animation, just rename it back to

If you’re not sure of what you’re doing, please don’t it. You might end up bricking your phone if you play with the root files and there’s no way you’re gonna visit this blog that day. Stay Safe. Ask questions in the comment section, I will reply ASAP.


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