How To Make Money Just By Selling Digital Products

Lately, I have shared some method in which one can methods in which one can make money online and I guess we all should have started making money now.

Today, I am here with another interesting and less stressful method to make money online just by selling your own digital products, sounds cool right? Yes, this method isn’t stressful and you don’t have to depend on any one but you have to spend time creating a unique digital content everyone would love.

You don’t have to be a blogger or web geek before you can earn via this method, all you need is an idea of what to work on. E.g write an eBook on success and offer it out for $20, when you have 10 buyers, that’s just $200 with just one eBook. The best part of it is, you can let the buyer pay any price he has for the product.

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Sellfy has somewhat of a Kickstarter feel to its interface where you can generate your own storefront on the Sellfy platform, peddle your products to the thousands in the network, while also having the chance to post Sell buttons on your own website.

Earn a Living Selling Your Digital Products

Join 100,000 writers, designers and filmmakers who already trust Sellfy.

Think of your wonderful stories, eBooks, Apps, etc that you like to sell but unfortunately, you weren’t to, here is a simple way to earn from them now. Sellfy accepts:

Design assets


Video and films

Audio files


Any other digital items you have

Then, you don’t have to worry about shipping issues. The buyer pays before he has access to download the file.

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To get started, click Here
Please note that the starter plan allows you to upload max of 5 files
I’ll answer all queries on this, thanks

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