৫ Even though the topic might seems boring but it’s a very important thing all Google Account users must take note.
Technology has given us easier access to stuffs online. With a Google Account, Twitter account or Facebook account, we don’t need to fill in forms to register on most websites, we only enable the website to use the information in any of our social account.
But most of us don’t know the implications (for apps we are not sure of), they might be selling our data without our consent, accessing sensitive details or probably posting on our behalf.
Everyone should be wondering and will want to ask me which social account is best for auto signing? lol… I will answer you. From my experience and perspective, I say you should all use your Google Account  because it has a very unique feature to turn of access for less secured apps. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t allows the app access but it blocks the app access to sensitive details.
By default, access for less secured apps is turned off but in case you’re not sure, check if you allow access to less secure apps or not: HERE
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