WhatsApp enables it users to hide their last seen status, this feature will online hide the information about your last active but everyone will be able to see you online whenever you are active.
Yes, you can easily freeze your WhatsApp last seen status. That’s the very current date/time you freeze the Online status is the time shown to all your contact even if you’re online.
The only disadvantage of this trick is that you’ll not be able to see the last seen of your contacts which I think doesn’t really matter.
Follow the below steps carefully and you’re good to go:
1. Download GBWhatsApp any version but it’s better with latest version so you don’t miss some features.

2. Set up your account.

3. On the main WhatsApp interface, press the more option key.

4. You will see a pop up, click on privacy, then click on Hide online Status.

How To Freeze Your Last Seen On WhatsApp
That’s all.
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