How to free your ANDROID mobile space

One of the problem many Android users have this days is space running out.
Sometimes, I get annoyed because my SDCard and phone memory just got filled up without any big file.
Method 1
– Allow me to say #Ladies_Method. This method saves alot time.
Install DU Battery Saver from PlayStore.
If you have problem using it, please feel free to comment below.
Method 2
This is the real thing!
Android at its best while storing cache and these cache takes up your phone/SD memory.
Follow the below process:
1. Open your file manager
2. Click option and select show hidden files
3. Go to DCIM, you will see a folder name .thumbnails, kindly delete the folder and see the magic
4. Delete your browser cache files.
I use ucbrowser, so my caches are stored under the .cache file and cache.
Locate your browser folder, mostly under Android/
5. Delete all hidden files you think they need to be deleted.
6. Delete unused applications and folders
7. Comment and share our post, don’t forget to come back tomorrow.
If your phone is rooted, BE CAREFUL!!! Don’t end up bricking your phone…lols

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