How To Easily Turn Off Apps Notifications In Android

Quite a large number of individuals are utilizing the Android OS nowadays, to make it fun and useful, applications are been installed e.g Social Apps to stay in contact with loved ones, Business applications for shopping and different applications for such a large number of purposes.

These applications send notifications with respect to what is the most recent going ahead in it. In the event that somebody content you, you get notice.

How To Easily Turn Off Apps Notifications In Android

 So today I want to share an application which will help you to Disable The Notifications Of All Apps In Your Android. This application is named as Notification Off App. 
It is notable that there is not a default choice accessible on any Android gadget to incapacitate every one of the notices. Be that as it may, I have found a technique which will work and help you handicap all application warnings exactly without a moment’s delay. All you have to do is a rooted android device.

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Download The App from PlayStore and open it, I guess it has a simple interface everyone will understand.

 Notifications Off App
1. Install the App and launch it.
2. In the app, you will see the list of installed apps on your phone.
3. Now select the apps from which you want to receive notifications. For example, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

6. Now enter the profile name of that profile in which you want to add the selected apps. And click on save icon.
7. That’s it. Only the selected apps will send you notifications and the rest is automatically blocked by the app.

Alternatively for non-root users, navigate to setting > Apps and click on the app you want to disable notifications for and then untick the show notifications box. This method is easier but you have to disable one after the other.

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