How To Easily Take Screenshot On Google Chrome / Firefox

They said: “Images don’t lie”, lol, sometimes we want to boast of something, keep memories, keep documentation of stuffs as images because they are easily accessible anywhere. 90% of internet users prefer to save a snapshot rather than saving the whole page, moreover, saving snapshot saves your data and so many more.
I will now breifly exlain how to take snapshot easily:
Over the years before technology became wider like this, some have use pagepeeker, snapshot and some even used phone camera to take a snap of their PC screen. Ooops, those time are now past and now we are in the future of technology. Although there are hundereds of snapshot tools but this is different:

Blipshot — one click screenshots
ExtensionAwesome Screenshot
Real fast and simple one-click full-page screenshots with drag and drop.
Blipshot is a one-click screenshot extension: just click on the icon and the page screenshot will be created: you can then drag’n’drop it wherever you want. 
Why wasting time if you just want a screenshot? 😉

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This extension works on Windows, Mac and Linux.



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